The following needs have been filled through FISH!  Thank you for your generosity!


Posted by:  Shakopee Schools Affiliate

Filled by:  Affiliate of Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church and an Anonymous Donation

A Tokata Learning Center student would like to sign up for Drivers Education in Shakopee. The cost for the class is $420.00. Our student is 17 years old, in school full time and working full time to help support his mom and siblings. Mom does not drive, so our student has been driving to his work but was recently pulled over for driving without a license. This family does not have the funds to pay for the class and we have been unsuccessful in finding scholarships.

Jeanne Kubes
FISH Program Coordinator


Posted by:  New Prague Area Schools Affiliate

Filled by:  Scott County Affiliate and an Anonymous Donor

Internet bill and phone bill to get service back up and running for a single father of five. Also, five to seven dining chairs would also be helpful to the family.


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  Shepherd of the Lake Affiliate

My client is on disability and has been advised by his physician that he should be taking a supplement for a medical issue that he is experiencing.  Unfortunately this supplement is expensive and my client cannot pay for this due to his limited income and also supporting several young children in the home that rely on his benefits as well.  The cost is 125.00 for 6 bottles of this supplement.


Posted by:  St. Michael’s Catholic Church

Filled by:  Anonymous

A young single mother with her 5-year-old daughter is in desperate need of a dependable car. Her present car has 300,000 miles on it and needs $4,000  worth of repairs.  This hard working mom has the additional burden of trying to pay off expensive student loans.  She is a faithful Christian woman trying to help others, while striving to raise her little girl in a solid Christian atmosphere.  She would deeply appreciate any help you can give her in obtaining a dependable car.


Posted by:  Beacon Interfaith/Families Moving Forward Affiliate

Filled by:  Affiliates of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, New Prague and CAP Agency

Christmas Tree and Ornaments to celebrate the holiday together with her family. Family is looking for a small to a medium size Christmas Tree with ornaments to decorate with her 4 young kids for the holiday.


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  Anonymous

I’m working with a young lady who had the catalytic converter stolen off of her car.  She continues to get pulled over because of noise violations.  She cannot afford to replace this converter.   She needs the car to get back and forth to work as she is a contributing financial member for her family.   This young lady is seeking assistance.  She would be very appreciative if someone could replace the catalytic converter but would be just as grateful if someone could “seal off the pipe” to help reduce the noise.


Posted by:  SMSC Child Welfare Officer

Filled by:  Anonymous Donation

COVID struck down only income earner in the household – assistance with car payment needed. $400 due Nov 15th.


Posted by:  Prior Lake-Savage Schools Affiliate

Filled by:  2 Anonymous Donations

Working with a family, one child in high school-both parents are on medical disability. The only car in the family is in need of new brakes and they are unable to afford on their limited income. The student would like to practice driving with their permit but is unable to with the state the car is in. 2014 Hyundai Accent, roughly $400.00 for parts and labor.


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  Affiliates of Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church and St. Michael’s Catholic church

A single father of two children who is struggling to make ends meet, is need of money to repair the family car.   The father works but does not make enough money to get the car fixed, after other bills are paid.  The family has been struggling  without a vehicle  managing their day to day life.


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church Affiliate

I’m working with a family who has recently told me that they are going to need new tires for their car as winter approaches.  They are aware that tires can cost a lot, but any donation would be helpful for this family, so that the dad can continue to drive safely to work and they will be able to make doctor’s appointments for their children.   Mom stays home with the baby during the day, so they are on one income.


Posted by:  TreeHouse Affiliate

Filled by:  SW Metro Intermediate Schools Affiliate and Several Community Members

Meals for our TreeHouse support groups held on Monday and Thursday evenings beginning Sept. 9th.  TreeHouse meets at The Well Youth Center in New Prague.  We serve a free meal to students who participate in the groups, the meal is served at 6:30pm.  Volunteers can stay and help serve/clean up or not, not required.  The meal needs to be carried in; we do not have kitchen facilities.   We are currently serving 8-10, which may increase as school gets underway.


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  Anonymous Donation

Working with a single mom of three and her 12 year old daughter is really struggling with wanting to go to school.  Looking for donation of items mom could use as incentives for when she is doing well and attending school.  Possible ideas are gift cards (Old Navy, Walmart, Starbucks), pop its, fidgets or yarn (the child likes to knit scarves).


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  CAP Agency

I am working with a family who has three young kids.  The mom recently got her driver’s license — she is very excited about this big accomplishment!  kShe is in need of some car seats so she can safely drive her children to school, appointments, etc.


Posted by:  SMSC Child Welfare Officer

Filled by:  Anonymous Donation

Short $625 for December rent. Just got approved to move in through a grant but the payment is being delayed.oste


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  Sts. Joachim & Anne Parish

A family with a newborn & small children recently moved to the US. The father was recently in between jobs and had to obtain a $600 loan to be able to pay the rent this month. Thankfully his new job starts soon, but next month he has to pay back the loan and continue to stay caught up on rent. The family is requesting assistance in any amount up to $600 in order to stay caught up on their bills during this transitional time.


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  Affiliate of Southwest Metro Intermediate School District and an Anonymous Donation

A single mother whose car has been impounded during the last storm is needing help to get it out of impound. This mother has struggled with addiction in the past and needs her car in order to be able to drive herself to and from treatment. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Posted by:  CAP Agency Affiliate

Filled by:  Friedens Evangelical Lutheran Church, Next Chapter Technology, and Affiliates of St. Michael’s Catholic Church, Scott County CDA and Scott County.

We are looking to spread some Christmas cheer for our single adult clients.  Our clients come to us as homeless individuals without much for personal property and very little hope.  We are asking you to be that hope for these adults during this Christmas season.  Help us to give them each a $10 gift card to use to get themselves a little something.  There are plenty of holiday programs for families, but not so much out there for our singles.  Thank you for your willingness to help those that live on little to have a better Christmas this year.  ****We would like to provide 70 single adults with a gift card for a total amount needed of $700.00.  We are happy to accept the gift cards themselves or checks made payable to CAP Agency so we can purchase the gift cards.  Some ideas of needed gift cards would be: Kwik Trip, Target, Walmart, Cub Foods, Culvers, McDonalds, etc.


Posted by:  SMSC Family Advocate

Filled by:  His House Foundationi and Shakopee Community Assistance

Single working parent with limited funds needs these items for her children:  – 5T jacket and snow pants and size 9 boots (boys)  -7/8 snow pants and size 2 boots (boys)


Posted by:  Esperanza

Partially Filled By:  FISH Affiliate and an Anonymous Donation

I am working with a mother that due to COVID had lost her job and has been behind in paying her rent on time. She started a new job this month but unfortunately her mother passed away on 11/19/2021. She is currently using any money to try and cover expenses for her mother’s funeral. Any help would be greatly appreciated in this time of need.


Posted by:  His House Foundation

Filled by:  Sts. Joachim & Anne Parish and an Anonymous Donation

New client we are working with has multiple barriers to standard housing options. Client living in a RV without water in a mobile home community after having to leave a rental that was condemned. We are working closely with this client and need a bit of time before able to more appropriate situation. This payment will remove the barrier of money owed to a landlord.
Client is working limited hours and is currently seeking ways to increase income.


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  St. Michael’s Catholic Church Affiliate and an Anonymous Donation

My 65 year old client in need of financial assistance.  Due to covid, getting laid off and eventually losing her job that she has held for over ten years, client  has had no extra income since March of last year. She is on social security disability.  Also, due to several medical emergencies and hospitalizations she has been unable to secure employment but is now working with an employment specialist so hopefully soon.  Client is getting  shut off notices from both Xcel and Center Point.   She knows there is the Cold Weather Rule but is still concerned about her past bill.  Owes $572.92 on her Center Point Bill and $983.17 on her Xcel  Bill.  Her rent also went up a few months ago by $70 a  month so money is very very tight.  She is applying for Energy Assistance as well.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Posted by:  Scott County Public Health Affiliate

Filled by:  Sts. Joachim & Anne Parish and PayPal Giving Fund

Mom and newborn living in a temporary shelter could use a little extra support with Walmart/Target or gas gift cards so that she can  purchase baby supplies and have transport for errands, appointments etc. Any amount is appreciated!  Mom is working towards permanent housing.


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  New Prague Area Catholic Community Affiliate

Working vacuum for single mom. The family has worked very hard to clean up their house over the past year but is having trouble keeping their carpets clean with their older vacuum. The family has several dogs and cats so the pet fur accumulates quickly. A pet hair vacuum would be ideal, but really any vacuum in good shape would be a great help for this family!


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  Shakopee Police Department Recovery Assistance Program

Help paying for rent during treatment for mental health and chemical dependency issues which will allow her continued stay until she is ready to move home.  My client has been hospitalized or in treatment for over one and a half years after trying to end her life.  She has worked extremely hard and is on a healthier path but not quite ready to be back on her own. She has an apartment she is financially responsible for as well as her portion of the residential setting she’s at, which has been crucial in her success. She recently returned to work but and was able to afford both, but fell behind after becoming ill with COVID.


Posted by:  CAP Agency Affiliate

Filled by:  Anonymous Donation

A young single mother of 4 young children recently exited homelessness. Just as she was getting settled into a routine with her going to work and her children to daycare, their car broke down. It has been a significant hindrance in their housing stability as mom cannot work and children cannot go to daycare without a car.  The client was evicted from her housing last year due to losing her job to COVID. Client is finally getting back on their feet as they have an apartment, children are in daycare, and have recently started working. Without a car Mom and the kids cannot get around and get to these places.


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  Sts. Joachim & Anne Parish

This young man is currently incarcerated but is trying to get into treatment after jail and make a fresh start. $30-50 is needed for his jail account so that he can buy stamps and pay for phone calls to coordinate his entry into treatment.










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