Hola!! Mi C.A.S.A is having an event on Saturday April 30th from 5-7 at their New Creation Lutheran Church site,  They will offer some prices, snacks and fun games for and to our local children in our community. We are expecting around 100-150 kiddos. We are reaching out in hope that you are interested in partnering with us in making this event an experience worth remembering for our children. We are asking for anyone that is interested in donating door prizes, cookies, water, snacks?

Please contact Mary Hernandez at: majoaska@icloud.com

Here’s some information regarding the day. 

El Día del Niño (The Day of the Child), also known as El Día de los Niños, is a Mexican holiday on April 30 created to celebrate children for that very reason. Additionally, many Latin American countries take part in this celebration. In 1956, the United Nations even created an initiative to invite other countries to                                                                      affirm the rights of children and to celebrate as well.


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