Good afternoon everyone!  As we are all working together do our part in keeping our community safe and healthy, FISH would like to be able to keep our network updated on services being offered and if you have needs that can be met to help facilitate your outreach.  We will be sending a daily update to our network in hopes this aids in communication and meeting needs.  Please let us know what services you are offering and the help you are needing.

Please email us at:

We would like to call your attention to the following needs that are still waiting to be met.



I am working with a family living in the New Prague area.  The family moved to the area after the death of their son as it was too hard to stay where they were at when this occurred.  The transition to New Prague has been very difficult for the teenage boy in the home and the family is trying to figure out any possible ways to keep him in the Burnsville school district as he does not feel like he fits in in New Prague.  There are still many unknowns about what the fall school year will bring but I am looking for any ideas, suggestions, resources or help with ways to get this kiddo to school in Burnsville from New Prague if the family were to open enroll.  The mother works and would not be able to commit to getting him there as it would not work with her current schedule.                Contact: Jamie Sundt,  952 496 8593




I am working with a family in Jordan who is in need of assistance to get water accessible outside of their home. They live in a trailer and need assistance going under their home and fixing a pipe that is cut off from the outside water spigot. We can assist with parts but are looking for a handy man to help make this happen for them. The father is disabled and unable to do it himself. They would love to be able to have water outside to garden this summer and have their young son play in the sprinkler. Please consider helping this family if you are able.

Contact: Phina King, , (612) 254-4111



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