Wheelchair Bound Needs Lift

A mother utilizes a wheelchair after having multiple surgeries to her lower body. She drives a 2020 Chevy Equinox that does not have chair lift installed. This mom uses her upper body strength to pull herself into her vehicle, then scoots to the trunk area, to pull her wheelchair into the vehicle. When it's time to exit, she puts her chair down from the trunk and climbs into the chair, from the trunk. If possible, she needs lift installed on her current vehicle. Or, she needs a vehicle with a lift.

Submitted by:
Tianca Little - Barr0392@umn.edu

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What caused this need?

Her current vehicle is installed with special shocks to absorb her lower body pain, which is all she needed prior to needing a wheelchair. She has feeling in her lower body, but her medical condition and pain level makes walking impossible. She has more surgeries in the future, which may further limit her mobility.

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