Utility shut-off unless $500.00 is paid to CenterPoint August 15th.

A middle-aged husband and wife are struggling with low-wage jobs that isn't sufficient to pay mobile home rent and utilities. The wife is currently working as an independent contractor with the CAP Agency's Chore Program and is very capable and understanding in meeting the demanding needs of various seniors across both Carver and Scott County. She became a Chore contractor when the senior she was cleaning for died and called CAP to see if she could be of service to other seniors. She has accepted every referral and has been trusted to help with various tasks in cleaning, boxing up items for moving, driving waiver clients to appointments and was instrumental in a team effort to prevent a senior from getting evicted when his apartment would not pass inspection and thus thrust him into homelessness again. He was referred from the CAP Agency's Housing Program on a Friday and needed it to be done within a week and she teamed with another Chore worker and was successful in getting his apartment to pass inspection! Her husband delivers pizza and is only earning minimal wages plus tips. They tag-team job duties with the only car they have; with her working during the day and then being back in time for him to use the car for pizza deliveries. They desperately need $500.00 towards their total bill of $3000.00 to avoid the shut-off. If they get shut-off, the utility will demand the entire amount to reconnect them. The wife also has been bringing her mom to chemotherapy appointments to treat her cancer, thus needing extra gas and missing work to accomplish this. They were encouraged to apply for the CAP Agency's Energy Assistance Program (EAP) in the spring but needing back three month's proof of income with tips, self-employment, it was hard to gather all of the necessary information and they missed the deadline to apply. Before she started working for the agency, she was a grocery shopper for Instacart and only earned a small amount of money per order plus mileage which did not add up to much. Please find it in your hearts to donate any money towards this need and they will apply for EAP in October when it starts again for the heating season. Thank you for reading this request and if you have any questions, please reach out to me.

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Submitted by:
Terry Hassan - thassan@capagency.org

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What caused this need?

Hard working couple with no ability to earn more money and is living as cheaply as possible in a mobile home, sharing a car and caring for their parent as well as a grandchild, when needed.

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