UPDATE: STILL NEEDED – 5 years ago she found her spouse passed away on the bedr

$3700.00 For Association Dues, 6/20/16 this goes to Sheriff's Sale, but if paid before sold she can remain in her townhome.
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Suzie Misel - smisel@capagency.org

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What caused this need?

UPDATE: STILL NEEDED - 5 years ago she found her spouse passed away on the bedroom floor of their home. This experience traumatized her. 2 years later her mother passed away. She watched her take her last breath and cared for her during her final stage of life. She thought she had dealt with the loss of her husband, but the loss of her mother made those feeling of loss resurface. She says that she was in a horrible place, she didn't do drugs or alcohol, but she was so depressed she couldn't get out of bed. She says it got so bad her body hurt from laying around and walking was hard. Things turned around when she turned for help and started seeing a therapist and was put on medications. It took her a while to be in a place where she could work, but she did. She got a job at a school and fell in love with the kids and interacting with them. She is not making enough money just with the school income, so she also is a Nanny. She is struggling with her association fees who have not allowed her any wiggle room. She is paying her mortgage. They are putting the home up for Sherriff's Sale and also charging her the attorney fees. This woman has never asked for help from the system, and she makes too much for help from the county. She is able to receive $16.00 in food assistance. What she has learned through her loss is that she wants to give more to the world. She is currently in the process of becoming a Foster Parent. She knows that she is asking a lot, and she knows that there isn't an easy fix, but if she can keep her home, she will continue paying her debt back to the community.

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