Toddler Shoes to Fit Over Ankle Braces

**This need was originally posted on 6/2/23 and a donor accepted it right away. Unfortunately, the check was never sent and I'm having a hard time getting in touch with anyone, so I'm re-posting in hopes that we can meet this need for this family in time for their appointment tomorrow!** There is a young child in the community who is in need of ankle braces, which will come at a cost to the family. They will also need specific shoes to go with these braces. We are seeking a donor to cover the cost of the shoes to lessen the financial burden on the family. The recommended shoes are $70 and will be purchased by check directly from Orthotic Care Services. Below is a link to the shoes he is in need of:

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Sarah Edberg -

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What caused this need?

This child and his family have already had many health expenses in the past few years, which have become a financial burden to the family. The braces selected have been chosen specifically to grow with the child for the next 6-12+ months and the team is hopeful that he will outgrow this need beyond that time.

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