Three months ago a family of four became homeless. They sought shelter with Fami

Someone to rent a, 3-4 bedroom home to a good family currently staying in shelter, who are committed to positive change. The family can pay up to $1,250 in rent; ideally this would include some utilities as well. The family is willing to consider any option in the Scott and Carver area that gets them into a home of their own.
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What caused this need?

Three months ago a family of four became homeless. They sought shelter with Families Moving Forward and have been staying with area congregations through FMF. Working with our staff and volunteers, the family has made tremendous progress in their lives. They have paid back past-due rent on their last place. They have stuck to a budget and are saving. Mom started working to take in additional income. Dad has kept his full work schedule despite being in shelter. They have participated in counseling. They figured out a child care arrangement that fit work and shelter schedules. They are ready to provide a stable home for their four children; which includes four year old twins. The family applied to three landlords, putting down a significant amount of money for application fees alone. Unfortunately, they were rejected at all of these properties based on a non-violent offense that occurred 15 years ago. The family is ready to leave shelter and has the savings and income to pay rent. The last time their kids had a place to call home, it was 20 degrees below zero. They need a property manager willing to give them a fair deal.

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