This young woman is diagnosed with developmental disabilities. She was raised b

Young woman living and working in Prior Lake is in need of early morning ride to work on MTHFSS. She has explored public transportation and the bus cannot get her to work in time for her 6AM shift. During warm months she either rides her bike or walks to work. She has worked very hard to get a driver's permit and would like to get her driver's license but she does not have enough money saved to purchase a reliable car. Looking for assistance to get to work by 6AM during winter months only. There is public transportation available to return home.

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What caused this need?

This young woman is diagnosed with developmental disabilities. She was raised by and living with a loving grandmother in Prior Lake. Her grandmother was her only caregiver and assisted her in all aspects of her life, including getting her to work in the winter. In May of 2014 her grandmother was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer and died just eight days later. In the course of two weeks the young woman moved from the only home she ever knew to a foster care home. Everything in her life changed. She has remained steadfast through it all and has begun to build a new life for herself in Prior Lake.

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