This story was hard for me to believe until I actually saw it with my own eyes a

Update: $200 was donated through FisH - thank you! Can anyone help with the balance of $600? Any amounts are appreciated! We are currently working with a client that is in dire need of financial assistance for a specific reason. This client has endured many unfortunate circumstances that have created a huge financial burden.
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What caused this need?

This story was hard for me to believe until I actually saw it with my own eyes and it is a devastating story! This client currently lives in Shakopee at Hunters Ridge. In the time she has lived there, her apartment has been flooded due to other apartments numerous times. Last week, a car ran into her apartment, almost killing both the client and her son. Both her and her son are still recovering, but as you can imagine, they are really struggling financially right now. They are currently living in the same apartment, with a large tarp covering the large hole from the car. With other expenses client has because of these occurrances, she is in need of help paying rent for the month of December. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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