This request is still a need. Please note: We welcome any suggestions or referr

Family seeking assistance in helping pay for their infant?s gravestone. The family has received a quote from a local monument service which includes granite gravestone, design, delivery and installation for a total of $2941.00
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This request is still a need. Please note: We welcome any suggestions or referrals to another local monument service which may have cheaper rates. Family would like an upright headstone with engraving. A family in the Belle Plaine community experienced the unexpected loss of their baby girl on June 4, 2015. As the family was preparing for the birth of their daughter Ana, unexpected complications occurred during labor resulting in baby Ana passing away during the labor process. As the family grieves the loss of their 5th child, they would like to have a proper burial and celebration of her short life. Due to limited income, the family is in need of funds to cover the costs of her gravestone. The family would greatly appreciate this assistance. Thank you for your help! Please memo checks with: *FISH Request Grave Stone*

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