This mother of six children has struggled with her mental illness most of her li

UPDATE: This mother of three kids is now homeless since Friday. A friend paid $267 for her to stay in a hotel room for a week. This mother is hoping to continue to pay the $267 as this is her only option. She needs her car fixed, to start working. The mother stated, "If I had my car I could be looking for a job to pay the $267 and get back on my feet." Mom is working with a couple temp agencies however, transportation is a barrier to her starting work. The power steering is $214. Any help towards this mother would be so greatly appreciated!!
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This mother of six children has struggled with her mental illness most of her life. Mom is currently homeless and is trying to find a job to work her way out of homelessness. Currently she is living with a friend; however, this is not a promising long-term placement. This mother had a job a month ago but was hurt and unable to return. Mom needs her car to look for a job, get to her mental health appointments, transport her children to their appointments, and look for a new place. Her car is unsafe to drive. An estimate has been given. She is motivated and has goals for herself to be successful. The car currently does not steer, so the power steering is the most important. However, the car needs front struts as well.

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