This is a wonderful young man that needs an opportunity to have some good things

I am working with a young man that recently moved to Elko after being homeless for quite some time. When he moved there he had a car that worked, but since then, the car has broken down. This has caused alot of problems. He is not able to look for work, and because of that he also is not eligible for General Assistance, so he has no income at this time. He is not able to get to the food shelf. His phone just recently broke which has caused more problems. He is extremely hopeless about his future and is not seeing any way to get out of the predicament. I believe that the first thing that may help is if he could get his car repaired. He has found a community resource that will consider paying for the repair but they need an estimate of the cost, and what is wrong with it, before moving forward. I am asking if somebody can go to Elko and take a look at the car a give me an idea of what is wrong and the cost of the repair. Thanks for considering this request!!
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This is a wonderful young man that needs an opportunity to have some good things happen in his life. He is motivated to work, and wants to become certified as a CNA as soon as possible. Living in rural Scott County without a vehicle is very difficult and he has no family support at all that can help him out!

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