This gentleman had been very successful in business in the past, but with all hi

I am working with a man who is living in a subsidized apartment in Belle Plaine. He has numerous serious physical problems and his body is slowly deteriorating. He has an extremely strong work ethic and has been trying to work, but each time he works, it just makes his health worse and worse. He has applied for Social Security and is awaiting an answer, but in in the meantime, he can't pay his rent for June or July. Social Security has him scheduled for his last examination tomorrow, but he still won't have any income in time to pay this month or next month rent. Social Security told me that this is the last thing they need for the medical team to look at before making a decision. He has spoken with his landlord and they are willing to give him a few days to try to come up with the money before they start the eviction process. His rent is $255 per month. It was a real blessing when he moved into the subsidized/affordable apartment and it would be really awful if he lost his housing.
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This gentleman had been very successful in business in the past, but with all his medical problems, he has lost everything he worked so hard for. He has one of the strongest work ethics I have seen and I really hope that someone will be able to help him get back on his feet!

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