This family is in need of short term support. Mom has been struggling with depr

This family is in need of Holiday gas cards and payment on disconnection notices of utilities. Gas cards would be used to get teenage daughter to and from school from now until the end of the school year in early June. Disconnect notice to Xcel energy in the amount of 99.15. Disconnect notice to CenterPoint energy in the amount of 41.00
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This family is in need of short term support. Mom has been struggling with depression and anxiety throughout the winter. Her teenage daughter has been struggling as well with depression and anxiety as well. In March, her daughter started a new school in New Prague which has been going very well, however the mom has to transport her to and from school. This placed a significant burden on the family financially as they have very little extra income. Because of the of increase in case, utility bills are now in disconnection notice. This family has always managed their limited income very well but this has caused much stress for this family. Daughter is now seeing a therapist and is taking medication and doing better. Mom is scheduled next week for a medication appointment for depression and anxiety and awaiting a therapist appointment. Any help would be very much appreciated.

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