This family includes Mom, Dad, and three young children, one of whom has cogniti

UPDATE: STILL NEEDED - $300 Transfer Fee$455 Remainder of Security Deposit after $500 of saved personal funds were exhausted
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What caused this need?

This family includes Mom, Dad, and three young children, one of whom has cognitive and behavioral disabilities. They need to move from a two-bedroom apartment to a three-bedroom apartment to accommodate the children as they get older. An opening is available within the building, but the fees to upgrade units are a barrier. Though Mom has battled postpartum depression and other health concerns requiring several weekly appointments for both herself and her children over the last year, she has been able to maintain employment. Dad has just finished college and is beginning to work. However, even with Dad's income, there will not be enough. They used their $500 emergency savings, and $755 still remains unpaid on the new security deposit and transfer fee. This is a family that faces challenges, yet still commits to volunteering in their church community and elsewhere because they want to pass on values of service to their children. Any contribution is greatly appreciated by this family.

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