This 8th grader struggles with major anxiety and depression which makes it diffi

Update: $300 has been donated to this need; $175 still needed by Monday, September 29. We are looking for donations for an 8th grader to participate in cheerleading for the first time. This 8th grader needs monies to pay for all of her warm up, shoes, and other clothing required. The amount needed is $425 plus a backpack to match the team?s. This is totaling $475. The family and I have looked into potential scholarships through the school and the cheer teams however have not been successful. Any help at all towards this request would be greatly, greatly appreciated.
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What caused this need?

This 8th grader struggles with major anxiety and depression which makes it difficult to engage in activities, make new friends and to attend school. This girl has been so very excited about cheerleading she attended the try outs and made a team. Since starting the try out process, she has made it to almost every day of school. When learning she made the team, she smiled and is every excited. Cheerleading is a sport that will help her make new friends, attend school and be a part of a group.

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