This 14-year-old’s teeth are very crooked and she has been teased by kids at sch

A 14 year old girl is in need of braces on her teeth. She has been approved by her dentist to get these, and the family has the money to pay for the braces. But when the Orthodontist did the initial exam for the braces he discovered that she has one impacted tooth in the roof of her mouth. The Orthodontist said that a 3D cone beam scan is required to be done before the braces can be put on. She has the top bracket on but the Dr. is unable to put the wires on until the scan has been completed so they know how to proceed (whether the tooth will need to be pulled out or if it can be moved back into place). The family does not have the money needed to do the scan.
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This 14-year-old's teeth are very crooked and she has been teased by kids at school about this a lot. The dentist indicated when examining her teeth that her teeth are the most complex orthodontic correction that he has seen. The family has received money from Indian Health Service to help pay for the braces but was not able to pay for the scan. The Orthodontist has stated that he cannot proceed with the braces until the scan has been completed.

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