The Scott County Foster Care Program is always trying to add more foster homes.

The Scott County Foster Care Program is REALLY in need of more foster homes for the children in Scott County needing ongoing placement, weekend respite or families needing a parent or child mentor. Ideally, we would like to have at least a few foster homes representing each school district in our county. This would provide us with a resource pool we need for the requests we have to help children and families from Scott County. We recognize that you or your program is connected to many families in the community and we are requesting your help. Please ask yourself if you could be a foster parent. We also ask that you forward this request to people you are connected to personally or professionally, so they may have the opportunity to explore if being a foster parent could be in their future! A Foster Care licensor would appreciate the opportunity to discuss what being a licensed foster parent is all about! Anyone interested in exploring foster parenting can call 952-445-7751 or *Visit our Scott County Foster Care Program webpage! Thank so much for your assistance! Sincerely, The Scott County Foster Care Licensing Team

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What caused this need?

The Scott County Foster Care Program is always trying to add more foster homes. We have experienced a decrease in the number of people applying to be licensed for foster care and our program is in dire need of foster homes. At times we cannot find a foster home placement match in Scott County and this leads us to place children in foster homes outside of the county, which is difficult on families and more costly for the county. With limited foster homes, it proves challenging to serve children and families within the community they are familiar with. Although the foster care program has been challenged, we have strengths! Each of you is a positive force on our side. We are asking you, the people with the "can do attitude" to ask yourself if foster parenting or mentoring might be for you! We are also asking you to reach out to people you are connected with and give them the opportunity to explore if foster parenting might be for them! Even if you or someone else has never thought of helping children and families in this way, contact a foster care licensor and we will give you the information you need to determine if now is the time to help your community by being a foster parent/and or mentor!

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FISH Partners are representatives of the faith community, local government and education entities, service organizations and nonprofits, and businesses which serve Scott County residents and agree that by partnering together we can meet human need in our community.

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