The number of elderly in communities is growing rapidly, Most will need help wit

I am trying to find at least 3 volunteers that could provide rides to folks needing to get to doctor appointments. It would be helpful if you could commit to doing a couple of rides over the next 3 months. Many of our volunteers agree to receive calls from us on a schedule that is convenient for them. We generally know 3 days or more about the rides needed. In addition to the joy of helping others in your community, we provide a reimbursement of $.56 per mile to cover your expenses. While that reimbursement is a break-even proposition over time, it is a pleasant way to create some cash flow between paychecks. Most of the folks who need rides are elderly, disabled or financially challenged. We are needing drivers throughout the communities in your area
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The number of elderly in communities is growing rapidly, Most will need help with transportation for 7 to 10 years. Family members move, and the expense of trying to find transportation prevents some from going to appointments and their health declines for lack of access. We are funded by counties and HMO's providing care for folks on Medicare, Medicaid & Medical Assistance. I am happy to meet with you at a local establishment to explain more. I'll buy the treats. I volunteered as a driver and continue to help out as a volunteer. Meeting others who are handling their personal challenges put mine in perspective and I gained a new perspective on what is important. There is no pressure to volunteer but we are turning people away for a lack of volunteers. Neil Rowley 507-649-1312

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