The need was created because the husband was unable to continue his strenuous jo

A family of three in Jordan is in need of help catching up on monthly bills. The family includes a husband, wife and a teen granddaughter who has been raised by the couple since she was an infant.
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What caused this need?

The need was created because the husband was unable to continue his strenuous job due to serious back problems. After being evaluated by a surgeon, he was told he needed surgery soon, but the insurance company required him to have three weeks of PT before they would pay for the surgery. After a week of PT, the physical therapist and surgeon agreed that it would not be helpful to continue, and surgery was scheduled for late July. However, it needed to be postponed as, in spite of the surgeon?s assessment, the insurance company remained adamant that he needed to first complete three weeks of PT. He was also denied short-term disability unless he completed the PT. Tom had previously used up all his sick pay, and their savings have been depleted. The wife is disabled with just a small income going to pay prescriptions, gas and other necessities. He has now completed the three weeks of PT and his back surgery is rescheduled for September 15. Once the surgery is done he will be able to re-apply for short-term disability. Getting on short-term disability will help in the interim until he is healed and able to go back to work. Broken Pottery was able assist toward the mortgage payments. However, this family remains behind on August and September bills which include: Electricity - $187 per month (August and September due) Gas - $103.85 per month (August and September due) Phone - $86.81 per month (August and September due) Any assistance with these bills will be much appreciated.

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