The Link?s new Safe Harbor Facility: PASSAGEWAYS, which is an Emergency Shelt

Furniture/Bed Room needs include: 5 Bed side tables Supplies include: 104 Bed spread 10 Pillows 4 Bedside lamps Other Rooms: Floor plants Motivational art/quotes 1 smaller TV Soft chairs (6) Beanbags (4) Book shelf (2) Books/games Yoga supplies for 8 5 floor Lamps Kitchen: Cooking/Baking Utensils 2 Coffee pots 4 slice toaster 2 can openers
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The Link?s new Safe Harbor Facility: PASSAGEWAYS, which is an Emergency Shelter, Housing andSupportive Services Program for Sex Trafficked Youth. As you know this was the Safe Haven facility/program. We are planning to open our doors to begin serving youth who have been sex trafficked in mid - September. We are in the process of setting up bed rooms, counseling rooms, health and screening rooms and so much more. If you are able to provide any of the supplies listed above that would be great. Our open house is Sept. 10, so we want the facility ready to go by then.

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