The family has a working vehicle, but husband has an unpaid ticket which led to

Update: Still looking for bikes for this family. 1 adult female bike is needed, and a 2nd female teenaged/young adult bike is desired. I work with a mother of a family of 4. She and her husband currently share the 1 adult bike they have to get to and from work on days they aren't able to secure transportation. Scott County Transit doesn't run weekends, or after hours which her job does require. Both husband and wife work locally and are within biking distance to work. A 2nd bike would be helpful for them. The young son in the family has a working bike, but the daughter doesn't, so a 2nd female young adult or teen bike would allow the family to go on bike rides together as a means of entertainment and physical activity.
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The family has a working vehicle, but husband has an unpaid ticket which led to his driver?s license being suspended, and mother has a permit currently and is able to take her driving test in the next several months. She was in an accident years ago that caused great anxiety afterwards and she hasn't felt confident enough to drive again until recently. Her previous DL is expired and from another state so she needs to go through the process of getting a MN DL, which she is doing. Mom works within biking distance of her current job, so a bike is a cheaper option to get to and from work even when she is able to drive.

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