The family consists of a mom and dad. They have three children ages 16, 11, and

Update: this family is still in need of clothing items, and any leads on an apartment. The children in this family are really in need of clothing; the son is a size 14/L in boys, one daughter is a size 10/12/M in girls, the other daughter is a size 4/small in teens or women?s. The most urgent need fir this family is a three bedroom apt, house, or town home that is less than $1,200 a month. The family does not have a criminal background or eviction or UDs. The family does not have the best credit, but now with stable employment and if they could have stable housing they will be able to work on this. The family has always made a priority of paying their rent even if other bills suffered. Thank you for your help. Please let me know if you need any more information.
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The family consists of a mom and dad. They have three children ages 16, 11, and 9. The family has been homeless living in hotels, family?s homes, and even their car at times for the past nine months. In the past two months the family has moved to six different hotels and other family arrangements. The family became homeless after the mom?s hours where she was working as a property manager were cut. The family knew that they could not afford the rent and made plans to move out and signed a lease with a new property, but when they went to move in the property manager gave away their apartment. This has resulted in the family getting stuck in the endless struggle to pay for hotels. The father is working part time and time at this point and the mother just accepted a full time position that will be starting September 16th.

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