The client and her son have been living with friends, sharing housing, and can n

I am an adult mental health case manager. My client, and her 18 year old son, are moving into a 2 bedroom apartment but the only furniture and household items they have are 2 beds. I am looking for: kitchen table and chairs, sofa, chair, end tables, lamps, dishes, silverware, microwave, etc. They do not have a car or any way to move furniture, so help with picking up and delivering any items would be helpful too! Thanks so much!You can call me at: 952-496-8384 or email me at:! Kay
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The client and her son have been living with friends, sharing housing, and can no longer live there. She was just awarded a rental subsidy so can now move into her own apartment. She has never accessed any type of community/county assistance in the past but she experienced a work injury a couple months ago and is unable to work so finds herself in a very stressful and hopeless situation!!

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