The challenges faced by the family in recent months have been hard for everyone

This request is for a client and her family who have experienced quite in the way of ?trials and tribulations? over the last 6-months. There have been serious struggles with depression and financial hardship. Children?s services have been involved to provide additional support. It was pretty much ?insult onto injury? when the mother was diagnosed with cancer. Thankfully, early detection and intervention points to an apparent good prognosis with the cancer treatment. The family has been pretty much courageous in facing all of these challenges. We?d like them to have a chance to experience more in the way of healing by providing the family with a summer membership to a local health club that?s running a special (i.e. special rate with no initiation fee). The cost is $428.43 for a family membership that runs from April 15th to Labor Day. We see this as a great way for mom to heal (she wants to take the yoga classes) while providing a healthy outlet for the teens. Thank you for considering helping this wonderful family. (Partial donations would be okay as we?d be happy to ?patch? this together to purchase the membership.)
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What caused this need?

The challenges faced by the family in recent months have been hard for everyone in the family. Consequently, we want to make sure the needs of the teens are addressed as well.

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