The aging population is increasing rapidly, more and more people are needing hel

Update: Still need drivers! Members of communities in Scott County need help getting to their medical appointments. ASC provides rides to people who are receiving Medical Assistance. We receive requests from Social Workers who have HMO?s providing coverage. Volunteers receive mileage reimbursements. A volunteer can choose their level of involvement. Please go to our on-line brochure at for more information. In that brochure you will learn ? The importance of your involvement ? Rewards you receive as a volunteer ? How to become a volunteer. ? What you can expect We provide our volunteers with the flexibility to choose and change their level of commitment. Some chose to drive seasonally. Some volunteers choose to drive daily, or weekly. Some folks prefer to only drive locally while others are happy to take someone to Rochester. Some folks drive for the cash flow, some donate their reimbursements to other causes and double the amount of good they are doing.
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The aging population is increasing rapidly, more and more people are needing help. Using volunteers for transportation is one of the ways to stretch State and County budgets to meet the growing need. We are one of several solutions to the problem. Please call or email me if you think you would be interested in be part of the solution. I would be happy to visit with you at a location of your choosing.

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FISH Partners are representatives of the faith community, local government and education entities, service organizations and nonprofits, and businesses which serve Scott County residents and agree that by partnering together we can meet human need in our community.

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