Steven receives services through Scott County Developmental Disability Services

$450 fee in order for client with disabilities to continue to receive services.
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What caused this need?

Steven receives services through Scott County Developmental Disability Services and receives Personal Care Attendant support through My Brother's Keeper. Due to a change in his medical insurance, Steven was required to pay a $450 spend down to his provider in order to receive ongoing personal care at his home. Due to a financial crisis at his home where he lives with his sister/guardian, he was unable to pay this spend down to My Brother's Keeper and has not receive needed services. His sister has assisted him with his insurance needs but has been unemployed for some time and has recently run out of unemployment payments. She has also has been struggling with depression which makes it very difficult for her to look for a job, but she has been able to stay at home and help care for her brother. She is now looking at services to assist her own mental health struggles which would take her out of the home and would also like to look for work. This makes it necessary to have the payment of $450 paid for Steve's MA spend down critical so he can have supervision when she is not home. His current insurance does not have a spend down so this would be a one-time request for assistance.

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