Spouse of a Savage veteran who was Killed in Action in Iraq on Jan 3, 2008 with

Update: $250 has been donated to this need. Thank you! Can anyone donate a portion of the balance to avoid cutoff of service on 11/15/ Payment of an outstanding water bill with the City of Savage for the amount of $2,142.37. The City has mailed a notice to her that if the bill isn't paid by November 15th they'll put a lien on her home and turn off the water.
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Jeanne Kubes - jeanne@fishpartnernetwork.org

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Spouse of a Savage veteran who was Killed in Action in Iraq on Jan 3, 2008 with one child. Their daughter was first diagnosed with brain cancer in 2012. She had surgery at Children's hospital in MPLS, then was sent to Boston for chemo. This past summer the cancer returned much more aggressively than before. Their daughter is 10 years old now. There are many stresses in the spouse's life; some of them are financial: non-covered medical expenses, travel costs, and a few bills that are causing some problems. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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