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This individual is a young man who is living with the effects of paraplegia resulting from a spinal cord injury. He relies on a manual wheelchair to meet his mobility needs. He is inspirational in his motivation and very active lifestyle as he strives to reach his highest potential and level of independence both at home and in the community. He attends college and works out regularly at a gym. He strives to “step” outside of his comfort zone to challenge himself to become the best person he can be both physically and mentally. He recently discovered adaptive sports to include activities such as kayaking, basketball, softball, skiing and golfing and is ecstatic about the potential for further participation in them. He has been able to experience some of these sports with the use of a loaner sports wheelchair designed for these types of activities and wants to participate in adaptive team sports. He has been able to obtain a grant to put towards obtaining his own sports wheelchair but is in need of additional funds to cover the total cost. His current grant will expire at the end of this year so he has limited time to come up with the extra funds.

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Total cost of the sports wheelchair = $6,963.00 Grant received from Kelly Brush Foundation = $3,000.00 (expires 12/31/2023) CADI waiver funding = $2,023.20 (pending approval) FISH request = $1,939.80 **Individual has limited funds remaining under Equipment & Supplies budget of the CADI waiver.

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