Single mother of a young boy is fortunate enough to own her home in Shakopee, ho

Funds to help cover costs of a total roof replacement OR perhaps donated labor/materials by a professional. My client and I have explored other options, many of which would require that she take out loans. She is avoiding loans at all costs as she is struggling financially each month as it is. It's possible that a Habitat for Humanity program called "A Brush with Kindness" may be able to assist my client with the cost of the shingles. They are unable to assist with the labor costs or labor itself. She is currently in the application process with this program.l.
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Single mother of a young boy is fortunate enough to own her home in Shakopee, however struggles financially each month. This client of mine recently found out that her twelve year old roof needs to replaced immediately. According to her insurance agency, the shingles are defective (lifting or buckled, have granular loss) and that she needs to have it replaced or they will no longer insure her home. In the interest of cost, she agreed to work with Sela who provided her with the lowest bid at $5,900.00. My client is intending on using all of her savings for the down payment of $1,500.00. Time is of great importance for two reasons. One being that she certainly needs to maintain her housing insurance which will be dropped if she doesn't replace the roof. Second, she would hope to have the replacement complete before this winter as she was warned by the inspector that she could have more serious problems when the snow comes (for example, internal water damage, etc.).

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