Single Mother Needs Help With Rent Late Fees & Car Payment

I am working with a single mother of 4 children who recently had COVID along with one of her daughters. This has caused her not to be able to return to work for 2 weeks. She has been able to pay her rent but has accumulated some late fees during the process. The late fees totaled $750. This has also set her behind on her car payment of $542.82. Anything will be helpful. UPDATE 12/6: she was able to make payment on her car and cover rent but is still behind on late fees- her Apartment manager is working with her to get it paid. It has gone up to $1200. Anything will help her to reach her goal of getting it paid off.
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Bailey Shanley -

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What caused this need?

This mother receives very little to no help from her family and has taken a big step to ask for help in a time of need. She is a very busy mother having to switch jobs to accommodate her children's school schedules. More Recently 2 of her children have been having some health issues/ behavioral issues, she has been able to seek out occupational therapy, behavioral therapy, and some other resources to help their needs. It is very important for her to have her car to drive them to these appointments and not worry about all the extra stress of the late fees on her plate.

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