Single mom of two needs used Washing machine funds $250.00or $250

In her own words, " I am a single mother of 2 boys working as a Paraprofessional. My oldest son is recovering from ACL and meniscus reconstruction and we have been attending appointments 3 times a week for the last 6 months. Unfortunately, we still have 6 more months of Physical therapy 3 times per week and the gas is costing me a fortune. I can hardly make it pay check to pay check because of gas and food prices and put my children's need before my own. About 3 weeks ago my washing machine broke and is not able to be fixed, I currently have a broke washing machine with laundry piles everywhere. I do live in low income housing, but the washer and dryer are my responsibility and I have absolutely no funds to be able to cover another emergency. Also, I am wonder if you have any resources for winter gear. I am only looking for a jacket for my oldest son." She stated he would like a "puffer jacket, black, size men's medium." I am also requesting gas cards for her to make these frequent trips to the medical appointments. There is a used washing machine that can include delivery, installation and disposal for $260.00. Whatever you can chip in, it is most appreciated! Thank you so much!

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She is also applying for Energy Assistance and does utilize food shelves to stretch her dollars. The $460.00 is for $260.00, used washing machine, gas cards $50.00 and winter coat for son, $50.00

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