Safe Harbor Passageways program offers shelter and housing to youth who are vict

UPDATE: SOME ITEMS WERE DONATED - THANK YOU! STILL NEED ITEMS LISTED: Lounge pants (mostly Med, Lg and XL)Slippers (preferably NOT the ballerina type) Bras (all sizes) Socks (youth prefer the no show style) Panties (boy shorts or bikinis, all sizes) PJ?s (pants and tops) Tops for mostly females (various sizes) Feminine hygiene products (youth prefer regular tampons, not super and not pads) Perfume free laundry detergent Hair brushes and combs (LOTS) Batteries (various sizes) Any craft/art supplies (paints, paint brushes, markers, oil crayons, poster paper, canvas boards, glues, canvas boards, colored pencils, glitter, glitter glue, yarn) Towels (bath and hand towels and wash cloths) Plastic mattress covers Body wash (youth prefer over bar soap) Ethnic hair supplies (shampoos and hair oils) Female deodorant Loofahs
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Safe Harbor Passageways program offers shelter and housing to youth who are victims of sex trafficking. Our programs include medical assessments, counseling, survivor mentors, mental health, on-site school, family reunification, aftercare and outreach. Youth who enter our program typically come with the clothes on their back and a bag with very few personal items. Youth are in need of these items to begin a fresh start in life.

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