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I am working with an individual who has been out of work due to an injury and has been able to cover rent using his savings and picking up odd jobs until he can go back. He tore his achilles outside of work and is not able to go back until it is healed and he can work with no restrictions. His landlord is very understanding of his situation and is allowing him some time to come up with the money. His rent for this month is $1150. 4/18 UPDATE: He reached out to his tribe and they are able to help with $500 so he will only need $600 to cover April. He is getting worried about covering next month if he isn't able to go back to work yet. Updating what is needed to $1750. Anything helps. 4/24 UPDATE: Thank you so much for the $200 donation, he is very thankful. His tribe was able to help out with $500 again for May. After he scrapped some funds together, he only needs $650 for May Rent and $300 for April a total of $950.

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What caused this need?

He is waiting to hear back from unemployment at this time. Because he still has his job and is looking to return in a month, he cannot qualify for the resources provided through 211.

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