Personal Needs/Small Household Items Needed for child with disabilities.

Sweet teenage girl in Shakopee, MN that requires 24 hour nursing cares in home. Mom is a single mom of 4 kids and is working hard to make ends meet, but she comes up short from some necessities for her daughter with disabilities. This young girl requires 24 hour nursing needs some supplies and personal needs items that are not covered by insurance and mom is struggling to provide these essential items for her cares. They will also need to send some of this to school with her as well. 1. Gallon jugs of Reverse Osmosis water (can be purchased at any grocery store or Target/Walmart). She utilizes one gallon per day. 2. Baby Wipes- 1 case per month for personal cares. 3. Baby Lotion and Body Wash from Target- Fragrance free and Gentle. 4. Creamy Diaper Ointment (Butt Paste) from Target- gentle and fragrance free. She utilizes quite a bit of this to prevent sores every day. 5. Large (12 Gallon) Garbage Cans with Lids to be used for briefs and other items for her and her nursing staff. 6. 13 Gallon Garbage Bags for the Garbage Cans 7. Dresser: Does not have to be new- could be gently used and in good condition. To put her bibs and other clothing items in. Her current dresser is broken and everything is piled high and this would help with organizing her environment. 8. Any donations of Medium size womens stretchy pants/sweatpants and T-Shirts. Crew socks, Size 5 womens. 9. Toilet Paper, Paper Towels. 10. Laundry Detergent for washing sheets daily, Bibs, extra clothes needed daily. It would be super helpful for the family to be able to receive a couple months or more supply of these items so the mom can focus on buying other necessities such as groceries and gas to get to and from work each day. Thank you!!

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