This client was working at a gas station and paying for a room a the Spring Valley Inn in Savage. She started experiencing abdominal pain and had to go to the emergency room at St Francis for care about 2 and a half weeks ago. From the ER she was transferred to the United Hospital for a few days for a further testing. It was determined that her condition will require a procedure that will require her to stay in the hospital for several days and after care that will require her to purchase supplies. She was not eligible for disability through her job because she missed the enrollment period when she got hired and only accrued a few sick days which did not cover the time she had to take off from work. She still has all of her belongings at the hotel along with a cat that a friend has been caring for. I will require about 1 week of payment to get her caught up on payment at the the Inn. She plans on going back to work while continuing to heal to pay for the room but just needs to get caught up on payment.

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This client is in the process of being approved for an emergency housing voucher. I receive she will continue to work while paying a portion of her income for rent.

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