My client is unable to make her current rent that will be adjusting in 2015. Sh

UPDATE: We have one volunteer to help with this move, but need more. Can anyone else help? My client needs to move from her current placement into a new apartment. Her new apartment is allowing her to move items into a garage there for the time being until her lease begins. Unfortunately, my client cannot drive and does not have any funds for movers due to being disabled and unable to work. She also expereinces a great deal of pain which makes moving items herself very difficult. She has found assistance with packing and moving items, but has no way of moving her bigger items (queen bed set, dresser, armoire, etc). She has numerous large items that need to be moved, but if someone is able to help with even just 1 or 2 things, it'd be appreciated!She is staying in Prior Lake, and the place she is moving to is only about half a mile from where she is now. She will need someone with a truck or moving vehicle and some hands to help with moving the items. She is a sweet woman who would be very appreciative of any help she can get!
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My client is unable to make her current rent that will be adjusting in 2015. She has found a more affordable placement, but has no way of moving her larger items there.

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