My client is on limited income due to a significant disability and also has very

Assistance with uninstalling and installing a deadbolt lock.
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What caused this need?

My client is on limited income due to a significant disability and also has very limited useful vision. Her home has been robbed a couple of times in the past month while she has been at medical appointments, stealing her jewelry and other items. She has greatly suspected that this is someone who knows her and accessed a copy of her key, as they know when she is out of the home, and her doors are never tampered with- but the deadbolt lock in back has always been undone in each occurence of stealing (this is on a door she never uses, and therefore always has deadbolt shut). To resolve this, she has purchased new locks to change out, but due to her very limited vision, she cannot install these herself. She would GREATLY benefit from someone being able to come out to her home quick to assist with this to significantly increase her safety and lessen her anxiety in her home.

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