Mother-to-be has no baby supplies and father is not involved in her life.

I am writing on behalf of a client I am working with who is in desperate need of baby supplies. Before meeting with her today, she found out that she?ll be having a little boy at the end of April. Several items were donated through FISH, but she still needs a crib and pack-and-play. The baby?s father is not involved and not expected to contribute as he wanted my client to terminate her pregnancy. This soon-to-be young mother is a hard worker, attending school full time while also maintaining a part time job. Being motivated and self-directed, she wants to continue to pursue her education after the baby is born. Childcare will be an issue for her; she has already applied for subsidized childcare with Scott County, but that wait list is estimated to be over a year long. My client lives with her mother who provides support where she can, but cannot offer financial help as she is also living on little. I realize it is unrealistic to ask for assistance with long term daycare costs, however, if anyone has other ideas pertaining to low-cost daycare for a young mother who is pursuing a post-secondary education it would be greatly appreciated.
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Mother-to-be has no baby supplies and father is not involved in her life.

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