Mom is a single, working parent to two children, and her youngest child is diagn

Physical assistance moving a few items (3 twin beds, a small desk, and a recliner) from Shakopee to a new apartment in Eden Prairie. Single mom and teenage daughter are able to move most things on their own but need some assistance with a few slighter larger items since mom has had some medical issues recently.
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What caused this need?

Mom is a single, working parent to two children, and her youngest child is diagnosed with Autism. Family is planning to move to a new apartment in Eden Prairie to get a fresh start in a new home, due to having had some negative experiences in their current residence. Mom is hoping that the new home will be helpful especially to the youngest child due to there being triggers in their current home of the past negative events. Family currently lives on ground level in Shakopee and has just a few larger items that they need assistance with due to mom having some recent medical problems. Their new apartment is just a short distance from Shakopee and is off of Anderson Lakes Parkway in Eden Prairie. Mom has said that she is able to pay for the U-haul, and is just needing help with the lifting/moving of these few slightly larger items.

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