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I am reaching out to FISH Network for financial assistance with a past due medical bill for a client of mine. This individual lives on a very fixed income and is not able to work. This individual is not able to see his medical provider in the community that he trusts and has built a relationship with because, he owes a past due medical bill. This individual needs to get back to seeing his medical provider, as his medical needs are not getting any better. He does have medical insurance through the state, but is not able to pay his past due medical bill from a few years back. This individual has been with our program for a few years now and continues to have medical needs and a surgery he cannot have due to this bill. He does not wish to transfer his medical needs to a different network as he has trusted his provider for a number of years and has high anxiety abut seeing someone new. The medical bill has already been moved to collections and the hospital will not work with this individual until past due it paid. I have reached out to the collection agency for a copy of the medical bill and can attach it once my client gets it in the mail. Thank you in advance for any assistance with this need.

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