I work with a 16 year old Junior in high school, who has struggled with mental h

Prom Dress (she wears size 16 pants), Jewlery and shoes to go with her dress, Gift card/other donations for her to: get her hair/nails/makeup done, dinner at a restaurant for before the dance, someone to provide transportation (car, limo, etc) to the dance, $20 ticket to get into the prom. If possible, she would like to have the opportunity to go shopping with her friends to pick out the dress.
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Amanda Fraser - AFraser@co.scott.mn.us

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I work with a 16 year old Junior in high school, who has struggled with mental health symptoms most of her life. She is currently living away from home due to difficulties, with a possible additional move more than an hour from her family. She is hoping to still attend her Prom at the school she has done so well at even though she will more than likely need to finish her school year elsewhere. She has been on the Prom committee, even designing the invitations for the May 2nd Prom. She is not employed and has no funds for the $20 ticket to attend Prom or activities associated with Prom such as: dress, shoes, jewelery, nails, hair, dinner. This will likely be her first and last Prom with her classmates and would be an amazing "goodbye" for her to experience as a 16 year old teenage girl! Any assistance via gift cards or donations of the above needs would be greatly appreciated!

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