I work with a 10 year old boy who struggles with severe behaviors (throwing thin

Items to help control behaviors in a 10 year old -Coloring/activity books (Star Wars, Superheroes)-Crayons -Bubbles -Playdough -Books (I-spy, Where's waldo, fact books about Pokemon, Superheroes/Villans, animals, etc) -Candy (Warheads, sour jolly ranchers, other sour candies)
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Amanda Fraser - AFraser@co.scott.mn.us

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I work with a 10 year old boy who struggles with severe behaviors (throwing things, hitting/kicking/biting other, etc), anxiety, attachment issues and attention deficits and the family is working to create a plan to help him calm during those escalated times. The mom brought up making an "upset box" for when he and his parents are beginning to escalate. This upset box will be for the 10 year old to access in attempts to calm himself. This is a very low income family. They strech every dollar and minute to care for their son. They are wanting to put much effort into utilizing this box as a coping mechanism to help him calm. Thank you in advance for any assitance with creating this "upset box."

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