I am working with a single mom who has multiple chronic medical issues as well a

UPDATE: STILL NEED DRIVERS ON TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY: I am requesting someone to volunteer to drive a four year old child from Prior Lake to Savage, Monday-Thursday to have her at the HeadStart program by 12 noon. Mom has arranged for transportation to get her daughter picked up at 3:30. Any help, on any day of the week, long-term, would be welcomed!
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Jeanne Kubes - jeanne@fishpartnernetwork.org

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What caused this need?

I am working with a single mom who has multiple chronic medical issues as well as suffers with severe mental health issues. Boyfriend continues to threaten to leave. She has a darling 4 year old daughter who is in our Head Start program but due to mom's health conditions she feels she may not be able to drive her from Prior Lake to Savage. The 4 year old girl really needs an opportunity to be with other children her age for socialization skills. Mom is currently spending a lot of time in bed and there is a lot of fighting and drama between mom and boyfriend and other family members. The home is very cluttered, both parents smoke and the daughter has developed asthma and other medical issues. She also receives Speech therapy. Mom has a therapist and case management but is easily overwhelmed.

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