I am working with a single mom of two children. She currently has a limited inc

$75 for 2 wheeled walker with a seat or $199 for a 4 wheeled walker with brakes and a seat.
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Tracy Kerber - tkerber@co.scott.mn.us

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What caused this need?

I am working with a single mom of two children. She currently has a limited income with no wiggle room for extra expenses. She was recently diagnosed with Neuromyelitis Optica (similar to MS). Due to this diagnosis and some of the symptoms she can experience her body can be in a lot of pain and not work the way it is supposed to. After a hospitalization her insurance paid for a wheel chair, which she uses when needed. She was also prescribed a 4 wheeled walker with a seat and brakes, but is having a hard time getting it as her insurance already paid for the wheel chair. The medical company where she wants to get the walker will not dispense the walker without guaranteed payment and because insurance cannot guarantee payment they need the walker to be paid for up front. If someone could pay for a walker up front that would be helpful, and there might be reimbursement if insurance does pay end up paying for all or part of it, but that is not guaranteed. Otherwise, she is more than willing to accept any walker if there is one someone can donate. A walker will help her stay mobile during times when she is experiencing an increase in symptoms, but her wheel chair is not necessary.

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