I am working with a single father of 2 young children. In August he was granted

Update: Landlord is working with the dad to set up a repayment plan, but any amount towards this would be so appreciated! Assistance to pay back rent due to unforeseen legal complications regarding physical custody and child support.
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I am working with a single father of 2 young children. In August he was granted physical custody of his children but he found out soon after the court hearing that his ex did not sign the legal papers granting him custody. Since that time he has had the children full time. Because she did not sign the papers he is still legally bound to pay his ex child support. In addition, because he does not have this legal document he can not get food support and is paying all the expenses for the children (clothing, food and day care). Add in the additional legal fees and he is cash poor. He has been using any income to feed his children and pay for day care so he can continue to work. Recently his ex signed the papers given him full custody and once he gets the documents from the courts he will no longer have to pay child support. The apartment complex is willing to work with him for some of the back rent with a reasonable payment plan. In addition, they also will employ him to do grounds work to decrease his monthly rent. He just needs to get $2000 of his back rent paid off in order to put the payment plan in place. The CAP agency is already committed to paying some of this back rent ($500) but he needs assistance to come up with the rest. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated in order to keep this family housed.

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