I am working with a family who has been homeless for quite some time. They have

School supplies for a 4th and 6th grader. Undergarments for the children including socks (size 6), underwear (size 10/12 girls and 6 women's), and bras (sports bras size 10/12 girls and 36A women's). A gift card for the items would work as well.
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Tracy Kerber - tkerber@co.scott.mn.us

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I am working with a family who has been homeless for quite some time. They have been living in a hotel, but recently secured housing and they will be able to move in about a month and a half. They just registered their children for school yesterday now that they know where they will be living. Both parents are working, but they do not have a lot of extra funds. They were able to purchase their children some much needed school clothes and a pair of shoes for each child. However, they do not have any additional money to pay for school supplies and undergarments. They would take the actual supplies or a gift card to Target or Walmart to get the supplies. If you are able to help I can get the school supply lists directly to you. School starts on 8-29-16. Thank you for your consideration.

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