I am working with a family of six in Shakopee where the family is struggling fin

UPDATE: STILL NEED CRAFT ITEMS - craft bin and crafts (construction paper, white paper, lined paper, glue, glue sticks, markers, stickers, self-sharpening colored pencils)
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Trish Meschke - tmeschke@co.scott.mn.us

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What caused this need?

I am working with a family of six in Shakopee where the family is struggling financially. The family is working on past concerns of domestic violence and chemical use, and attempting to gain parenting skills. The family has worked hard over the past six months and there is no current concern for drug or alcohol use and the concerns for domestic violence have drastically reduced (with no re-occurrences). The father has returned to the home and is trying to get steady employment but is currently working part-time. There are 4 young children in the home, one of them an infant. With different age ranges to keep occupied during the summer months, the older girls could use something to help occupy their time when the mother is attending to the two small children. They are very creative and enjoy crafts. The infant is also ready to move from a bassinette to a port-a-crib, which would be much safer for nap time (so the other children don't grab or try to climb up the bassinette).

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