I am working with a 19 year female who needs help with both auto insurance and a

Update: Alignment still needed! An alignment on a 1997 Nissan Altima (estimates coming in at around $90) and any financial help towards auto insurance - quotes are coming in at $200-300 per month. She is looking at trying to secure 3-4 months to allow her to begin working and make insurance payments thereafter.
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Heidi Schultz - hsomerville@co.scott.mn.us

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I am working with a 19 year female who needs help with both auto insurance and an alignment on her car.She graduated high school early and got her own apartment which was lost when she experienced health issues. In the past 6 months, she has been homeless, living in her car and just recently, moved into an apartment and is trying to find work. She was given tires but when they were put on, no alignment was done. She has estimates of around $90.00 to complete the alignment. She is currently only receiving 203.00 per month and cant afford auto insurance. She tried to go without it but has now been cited. Any financial help towards insurance would be helpful. She is receiving quotes of around $200-300 per month. Thank you for considering her!

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